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Special Sessions

All special sessions are part of DMIN'08 and attendance is open to attendees of all conferences held at WOLDCOMP'08. Please consult the DMIN'08 special sessions webpage for additional details and descriptions.

You are welcome to organise and chair a special session. Please see the information on the DMIN'08 special sessions page and contact the special sessions chair at special-session-chair@dmin-2008.com.

Accepted Special Sessions
Special Session A

Organiser: Sven F. Crone
Topic Data Mining for Time Series Data - Forecasting, Classification and Clustering
Webpage http://www.neural-forecasting-competition.com/dmin_workshop.htm
Date & Time 14-17 July, 2008 - exact date to be announced


Additional special sessions are currently pending approval.



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Sven F. Crone & Robert Stahlbock
General Conference Co-Chairs

E-mail: conference-chair@dmin-2008.com


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