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Tutorial Sessions

All tutorials are free to registered conference attendees of all conferences held at WOLDCOMP'08. Those who are interested in attending one or more of the tutorials are to sign up on site at the conference registration desk in Las Vegas. A complete & current list of WORLDCOMP Tutorials can be found here.

Accepted Tutorial Sessions

In addition to tutorials at other conferences, DMIN'08 provides a set of tutorials dedicated to Data Mining topics. The 2007 key tutorial was given by Prof. Eamonn Keogh on Time Series Clustering. This year DMIN will provide the following tutorials:

Tutorial A
Organiser: Mikhail Golovnya - Senior Scientist, Salford Systems, USA


Topic: A Tour of Advanced Data Mining Methodologies
Webpage www.salford-systems.com
Date & Time July 15, 2008, 6:00 - 9:30 PM
Location Ballroom 1
Description Abstract

Mr. Mikhail Golovnya, Senior Scientist, will discuss the classic CART (classification and regression trees) technique, as well as advanced data mining techniques recently developed by Stanford University Professor Jerome Friedman and University of California Professor Emeritus Leo Breiman. Methodologies and real-world applications will be presented for the following:
  • CART, the classic decision tree
  • MARS (multivariate adaptive regression splines), a flexible, highly automated regression technique
  • TreeNet and RandomForests, which leverage the predictive power of CART models by combining a large number of trees together using either boosting or bootstrap aggregation approaches.


To provide an introduction to and overview of Data Mining Analysis and to provide practical examples to assist attendees in conducting their own analyses.

Intended Audience

  • Instructors wishing to learn more about data mining so they can include some coverage in their classes;
  • Applied Statisticians wanting to learn new tools for exploratory and non-parametric data analysis; and,
  • Researchers who have previously worked with data mining and have been mystified by earlier versions of the documentation and output.
Short Bio Mikhail Golovnya graduated from Kharkov State Polytechnic University, Ukraine in 1995 with a Specialist Engineering Degree in Flight Dynamics and Space Shuttle Control. In 1996, he was a Research Scholar in Econometrics and Finance at Saint Norbert College, Wisconsin. Mr. Golovnya later joined the Master of Science in Computation Statistics program at the University of Central Florida, Orlando from which he graduated with honors in fall of 2000. Mr. Golovnya began his work with Salford Systems in the summer of 1999. As the Senior Scientist, he is primarily responsible for data mining consultation projects and works in model development and the search for technological improvements to Salford’s core products. He is also responsible for advanced testing of CART, MARS, TreeNet, PRIM, Random Forests, and prototyping of new data mining algorithms and modeling automation. Mr. Golovnya also leads training sessions in CART, MARS, TreeNet, and Random Forests and provides guidance and technical support to Salford Systems’ data mining clients.


Tutorial B
Organiser: Ashu M.G. Solo
Topic: Fuzzy Logic - Theory and Applications in Data Mining
Date & Time July 14, 2008, 6:00 - 9:00 PM
Location Titanium Room
Description Objective

This tutorial will provide a clear and rapid description of fuzzy logic theory with example applications mainly in data mining. In three hours, this tutorial will give researchers and developers with no knowledge of fuzzy logic enough knowledge to apply fuzzy logic to their applications.

Hard copies of the tutorial presentation slides will be provided to attendees of this tutorial.

Tutorial Topics

1. Introduction to Intelligent Systems
2. Certainty and Precision
3. Uncertainty and Imprecision in Perception and Cognition
4. Human Perception and Cognition
5. Fuzzy Logic for Uncertainty Management
6. Fuzzy Sets
7. Fuzzy Membership Functions
8. Linguistic Variables, Linguistic Qualifiers, and Fuzzy Rules
9. Fuzzy Rules in Data Mining
10. Fuzzy Database Queries in Data Mining
11. Computational Theory of Perceptions and Computing with Words
12. Computing with Words in Data Mining
13. Fuzzy Clustering for Data Mining
14. Fuzzy Rule Induction for Data Mining
15. Fuzzy Math
16. Fuzzy Systems
17. Development of a Fuzzy Knowledge-Based System
18. Fuzzy Logic in Other Applications

Intended Audience

This tutorial will be extremely useful for many people involved in research and development including computer scientists, engineers (computer, electrical, mechanical, civil, chemical, aerospace, agricultural, biomedical, environmental, geological, industrial, mechatronics), mathematicians, social scientists (economics, management science, political science, psychology), natural scientists (biology, chemistry, earth science, physics), business analysts, public policy analysts, jurists, medical researchers, etc.

This tutorial will be presented such that anybody with knowledge of basic university math and computer programming can understand it.

Short Bio Ashu M. G. Solo is an electrical and computer engineer, mathematician, writer, and entrepreneur. His primary research interests are in new branches of math, intelligent systems, public policy, and the application of intelligent systems in control systems, computer architecture, power systems, optimization, pattern recognition, data mining, decision making, and public policy. Solo has about 100 publications in these and other fields. He co-developed some of the best published methods for maintaining power flow in and multiobjective optimization of radial power distribution system operations. Solo has served on 75 international program committees for 72 research conferences and 3 research multiconferences. He is the principal of Maverick Technologies America Inc. He previously worked in many research and development labs in universities and industry. Also, Solo served honorably as an infantry officer and platoon commander understudy in the Cdn. Army Reserve.

Ashu M. G. Solo
Principal/R&D Engineer Maverick Technologies America Inc.
Suite 808
1220 North Market Street Wilmington
DE 19801 U.S.A.
Email: amgsolo at mavericktechnologies.us




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